Insurance Fraud

SIS Investigations has been providing insurance services to workers’ compensation companies, third-party administrators, and liability insurance companies for over 30 years.


With over 35 surveillance specialists, SIS can provide comprehensive surveillance coverage throughout the State of California. Each member of our staff is specifically trained to conduct insurance surveillance for workers’ compensation and liability claims. Each specialist is evaluated quarterly for dependability, quality of videotape, set up locations, ruses and tailing abilities.

We provide a quality investigative report within ten business days of the completion of the case, which clearly outlines the subject’s actions and includes still photographs. We provide copies of the videotape in either CD or DVD format.


With 12 specially trained investigators, we can meet all of your needs. Our investigators record statements with insurance claimants and witnesses regarding workplace or personal accidents throughout the State of California. All of our investigators have a minimum of three years experience and have been expertly trained in passive interrogative techniques that enable them to obtain critical information from reluctant witnesses or evasive subjects.

The report format is informative and easy, to read with subtitles in bold print. Our average turnaround time is ten business days.


SIS investigators identify and establish the facts supporting third party subrogation that ultimately end up in a recovery for our clients.

SIS provides the investigation necessary to identify and establish the facts supporting the subrogation or third party proceeding. Our experienced investigators document and gather information that ultimately ends up in a recovery for our client.

Corporate Investigations

Whether your business is manufacturing, retail, wholesale, service, hospitality or high tech, it is probably experiencing some degree of employee theft. Our investigative process includes the assessment of each situation and application of the proper investigative techniques that will obtain the evidence to recover the merchandise or money. We present a complete package for the local law enforcement agency to file criminal charges, when appropriate.

Undercover Placement

Sometimes conducting interviews first is not the correct response to internal/external theft, illegal drug use/dealing, intellectual theft, and mismanagement issues. In these cases, extensive information can be obtained by utilizing the confidential placement of undercover operatives working as regular employees in your warehouse, office, retail center, or restaurant. We have an undercover placement program that is designed to meet your specific needs and provide daily verbal updates and weekly written reports.

Workplace Violence

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Department of Labor Workplace Violence Survey, there were 346,320 private sector workplace violent incidents reported in 2008. Nearly five percent of all private industry establishments experienced an incident of workplace violence in that year. The report states that 34.4% of the companies reported that the incident had a negative impact on their employees.

Half of the largest establishments (1,000 or more workers) reported an incident of workplace violence in the last year. Forty-eight percent of private businesses in this category reported work place violence incidents that were criminal (15%), customers (23%), co-workers (32%) and domestic (24%).

Employees can be affected in a number of ways resulting in increased fear, lower morale, decreased productivity, and higher absenteeism, all of which increased employee turnover. Employees in 36% of the establishments who had an incident of workplace violence in the previous 12 months reported being negatively affected. Over 70% of establishments, including government agencies, did not have a formal policy to address workplace violence in 2005.


Our surveillance staff has conducted thousands of hours in corporate surveillance for internal/external theft and various other illegal activities.
Attorney Services
Accident Site Inspection – We conduct informal accident investigations utilizing cameras and diagrams.  During this process, we take into consideration terrain, lighting, weather and time of day.  A detailed report is generated to include any new facts that were discovered during the course of the investigation.

Locates – We utilize a variety of techniques and data bases proprietary to private investigators to identify, locate, and track down witnesses or other crucial individuals to a case.

Witness Interviews – are some of the most important attorney services we offer as they provide key evidence and can offer new insight into a case. Our investigators are trained on the Reid technique of interviewing and interrogation, which enables them to obtain the most accurate information from witnesses. Lastly, our investigators can obtain written, audio or video statements.

Legal Testimony – Our investigators provide legal testimony to support their reports and the evidence they collected during the course of their investigation.

Trial Preparation – This is a complete approach to investigating any case and assisting attorneys in preparation for trial.  It includes a variety of services such as: preparing witness testimony, writing reports, gathering and analyzing evidence, data base searches and background checks on opposing witnesses

Difficult Subpoena Services – process servers do not have the time or wherewithal to track down a subject or to conduct surveillance at the suspected address. That is our specialty.  We have databases specific to private investigators that provide us with a plethora of data on a subject including neighbors’ names and telephone numbers.   If the person is alive and residing in California, we will get them served.  It is only a matter of time.

Timely Reports – We understand, from an attorney’s perspective, time is of the essence. We will have proof of services faxed over on the same day, and all reports within 5 business days of the last day of an investigation.

Background Checks – Designing a custom and comprehensive pre-employment profiling program is crucial to the security of your firm. SIS has the resources to get the results you need fast.  With access to over 30 key computerized searches, you will have the peace of mind you need to make employment decisions.

Basic – Criminal and Employment History

Advanced – Criminal, Civil, Education and Employment History

Executive – Criminal, Civil, Credit, Education and Employment History

We conduct various levels of pre-employment background checks at all levels, including those at entry, supervisory, management and executive levels. Our investigations encompass criminal history, civil filings, DMV reports, degree and employment verification, social security number trace and verification. A detailed report is provided on all applicants regardless of the job level.


Due to privacy laws and public protection obligations, it is necessary for our staff to conduct in-person interviews with private party clients to ensure they are not engaged in illegal activities or that they are not a potential threat to someone. We require each client to provide us with a client information sheet so we can verify their identity and to ensure they are not under a court restraining order.

Services rendered:

People Locates – Are you looking for a relative you have lost contact with or a long lost friend? We have an extensive database which is proprietary to private investigators.  It is a very useful tool in locating people.  We cannot provide social security numbers or other identifiers of the people we research.  If possible, we will contact the person the client is trying to locate to obtain permission for us to pass on their contact information to the client. If the person we have located would prefer and the client agrees, we will provide this person with our client’s contact information.

Service of subpoenas – we serve all court ordered subpoenas on an hourly and expense basis.

Infidelity surveillance – is similar to the workers’ compensation investigations we conduct wherein we follow people, video their activities and the people they engage with, and provide a detailed report with a CD/DVD copy.  We will not invade the privacy of anyone we investigate.  We will only video activity that is visible to the public.

Background Checks – are a great service for people who are married, in a personal relationship or have begun dating and would like to know if the person they are seeing is still married, has a criminal history, a restraining order taken out against them or has financial problems.

We do not contact these people, but we require proof that our client is in a relationship with the person we are investigating (text messages, voice messages, tweets or social website postings).

Social Media Background Investigations – are useful tools for seeing on which websites someone regularly posts, what they are writing about and pictures they have posted. These investigations are extensive and most major social media and chat sites are researched.