1.8 Million Dollar Embezzlement

Case Study – Lunch Money

For more than seven years, a district accountant stole nearly one in every four dollars that passed through the Rialto Unified School District’s lunch money program.

The Suspicion:

Oakes, who was an accountant with the district’s nutrition services department, was arrested on suspicion of embezzlement.

The Truth:

Oakes is charged with eight counts of embezzlement by a public or private officer and eight counts of a public officer crime.

The Mayonnaise Caper

Case Study – The Mayonnaise Caper

A national client contacted us on a Tuesday to inform us that they conducted an inventory and they were missing $500,000 in mayonnaise. They needed us to solve the case by that Friday. If it was an inside theft facilitated by their employees, they would only have to pay the 10% insurance deductable. If it was determined to be an outside theft, they would have to pay $500,000.

The Suspicion:

Someone was stealing pallets of mayonnaise from a warehouse.

The Truth:

After interrogating over 20 workers one confessed.

No lifting Over Five pounds

Case Study – No Lifting Over Five Pounds

This claimant alleged a work related injury to both of her shoulders and lower back. She was taken off work by the doctor as her physical work restrictions precluded her from doing her regular work duties.

The Suspicion:

The claimant was possibly engaging in some type of activity that was in contrast to her alleged physical restrictions.

The Truth:

The claimant was physically fine and was quite capable of conducting her normal work duties.

Sling Blade Man

Case Study – Sling Blade Man

This man was injured in an auto accident by our clients insured over a year ago.  He claims that as a result of his injuries he has been unable to return to his work as a gardener.Through the course of our investigation, we were able to document over 25 gardening clients whose yards he was still caring for. Of course the video speaks for itself.

The Suspicion:

The subject has returned to work as a gardner.

The Truth:

The claimant has a thriving gardening business that he works in six days per week.